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SpeedFactory / BME Honda B-Series Outlaw Pistons Lateral Gas Ported

SpeedFactory / BME Honda B-Series Outlaw Pistons Lateral Gas Ported

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This is NOT just another piston labeled “Outlaw” with a couple of upgraded features. These were actually developed in our B-Series Outlaw car and proven at 90+psi of boost + nitrous = 2000+hp and 215+mph in the 1/4 mile.

Available for B-Series applications in 84mm, 84.5mm, and 85mm Bore sizes with 22mm wrist pin size only

More power = more heat. These pistons will cope with that better than anything else available. They aren’t meant to be the flashiest, lightest, or trickest looking pistons – they are designed to be reliable at insane power levels. Period.

Years of pushing the absolute limits of these engines and our partnership with Bill Miller Engineering providing expert failure analysis and consulting throughout has led to this piston design which we are now making available to the public.

These are designed for max-effort turbocharged race engines making 1300+whp with an appropriate ~9.5:1 compression ratio for reliability.

RACERS & TUNERS - PLEASE READ!!! Many racers are currently encountering engine reliability issues with today’s ever increasing power levels as turbocharger technology and output per turbo size continually increases at a rapid pace. If you are continually hurting engines (pushing headgaskets, bending aluminum rods, distorting pistons, etc) despite pulling ignition timing out and running a richer AFR, you have too much compression for the fuel and boost levels you are running.PERIOD.

You are experiencing auto-ignition and you need to lower your compression ratio. This will allow you to regain reliability in your program by maintaining control over your ignition event and avoid auto-ignition issues. Stop blaming the strength of your parts for the engine damage you are continually experiencing and address the real source of the issue. Run an appropriate compression ratio for your boost levels!



  1. High strength 2618-T61 aluminum forgings

  2. Superior ring groove finish & runout, less than 0.0002” around the entire piston

  3. Lateral Gas Ports - improved ring seal

  4. Anti-Detonation Groove

  5. Full Round skirt rib maintains piston roundness, superior to piston skirt struts used in other “Outlaw” piston designs

  6. Ultra Low ring pack position - protects the rings from heat

  7. Oil Squirter Notch – allows additional piston cooling via oil squirters

  8. Pin Fit – precision honed for exact clearance

  9. Hand Finished & Deburred

  10. CNC Head Mill, Window Mill, & Spin Boss – to reduce weight

  11. Heavy Duty 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.0 Ring Pack – handles more heat

  12. Custom Pin Button Set

  13. Double Bottom Splash Oilers – suits high rpm & severe duty applications

  14. 22mm Heavy Duty .225” Wall 9310 Tool Steel Wrist Pins to handle extreme loads

  15. -8.0cc dish volume, 1.180” CH (approx. 9.5:1 CR in typical LS/VTEC combos)

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